Lugansk State Medical University (LSMU) is attested according to the highest (the fourth) Level of accreditation & well recognized world wide. Lugansk State Medical University officially ranks third  among Best Medical Universities in Ukraine & the higher medical schools in Ukraine and medical colleges in Ukraine according to the last ranking list of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and world ranking.
The State establishment Lugansk State Medical School (LSMU) trains specialists & provide higher study medical in Ukraine along the following education / qualification levels – Under graduate medical study, Junior specialists, specialists, Masters for the following specialties:

The Medical University is proud that his teachers were scientists who have made a significant contribution to world science in medical study.Our university conducts joint research and has partnered with many scientific institutions around the world, such as Cambridge University, Cardiff Medical Center (England), Polish Medical Academy, medical university in Germany, Belgium, Austria and Israel Medical Center in St. – Etienne (France), New York Medical Center, Ukrainian Medical Society in Canada and Austria.

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We don't require our applicants to take TOEFL exam to apply and study in our medical university.


We don't require our applicants to take IELTS exam to apply and study in our medical university.

-100% Admission

We can guarantee You 100% Admission to any chosen course in our university.

-100% Invitation Letter

All of our applicants are receiving 100% guaranteed Invitation letter. Just fill our application form and send it to us!

-100% Guaranteed Visa

We are helping to receive the Visa confirmation from Department of Higher Education of Ukraine for all of our applicants.


  • Lsmu is recognized by WHO, USMLE, GMC, MCI & many more.
  • International medical university with more than 2500 International Studnets .
  • Best Medical University in Ukraine with full English Medium Courses.
  • Low Tuition Fees & Living Cost makes higer education affordable.
  • Group studies for better interactions with professors.
  • uccessful graduates are eligible for the licensing process in USA, Canada and many other countries.

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